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Conversation between Moses and Jehovah, the God of Hebrew

Moses flinched to hear that voice, someone was calling him by his name! He responded–who are you? That devine voice answered–I am the only one God of you and your predecessors.

God was talking with him, he could not beleave it! He kneel down fearfully and told–what do you want to me my master?

Miraculous voice–you have to go Egypt of being my agent, where the Hebrew were lived in inhuman situation by the tyrannical Pharaoh. You have to free them and than you will bring them in a new land.

Moses–how I will free them?
Miraculous voice–I will be with you invisibly and help you. You willl go to pharaoh and kindly request to free them.

Moese had no responce from his heart by hearing it. He had the doubt that the tyrannical pharaoh will not agreed with him probably. And on the otherhand why the Yehudi beleave him and left the country?

God understand his heart and told you will say to Hebrew that I have send you and that is why all have to beleave it.

Moses–but, when they will want to know the name of God, what I will answer?

The miraculous voice did not want to reveal his name initially but revealed at last that he is the creator of the cosmos and the protector of Israel Jehovah.

Moses understand his job
Now Moses could feel that he had to free the Hebrew people. He had no clear idea about the God till now but today he can feel everything and he could realize that God had send him to do that particular job in earth, and Jehovah is his only God.

Moses and his second meeting with Jehovah

A few days later Moses feeded grass to his sheep. Suddenly he saw one little lamb was not there, immediately he started to find it out and had came before a waterfall and saw the lamb was drinking water. He picked it up on his lap and tenderly told if I know you are so thirsty than I bring water for you from here.

Jehovah was satisfied to hear it and appeared again than told I am complacented and I know only you can free the Hebrew, so don`t delay, prepare to go to Egypt for.

Somedays later Moses bid good bye to his wife and children and went towards Egypt.Now he had no fear, no doubt as Jehovah, the God was with him.

Moses returned to Egypt

Moses had arrived into Egypt. He could see the Hebrew were lived in a deadly situation that was fatal, the previous pharaoh died and the new was more bloody and oppressive.

At first Moses met with the lead person of the Yehudi family and told about the order of their God Jehovah. Moses and his characterstics, his personality and his sincerity were beleaved by them that Moses is true. Moses told them–we will go to pharaoh and kindly request for allow them to left the country Egypt.

Moses now in Media

Oneday when Moses was walking on the way he could see a Egyptian master was beating a poor Yehudi. Moses couldn`t go anymore by seeing that brutal scene and went to them and rescued the man from killing. None could see as there was no people and Moses buried the Egyptian in the desolate deserte. Moses thought that none could know this but that man expressed it whom Moses rescued. The pharaoh terribly angered to hear that and ordered to capture Moses. Now the pharaoh clearly understant that the princess fosteraged Moses but he was really a member of Yehudi.
Moses immediately left the city and somedays later came in Media, there was sand and sand only around him. A very few little cottage was seen where lived nomadic people, animal husbandry was the only profession of them. Although they lived in terrible poverty they are very honest.

Moses was so tired and thirsty after sometime for the reason of walking on those unfit way, at the meantime a well was seen by him where the seven women imbued water their sheep. Suddenly a horde came and tried to swipe all their sheep by force. That seven women started screaming so loudly and Moses came there and rescued the sheep, the horde scarpered and seven women thanked him so much.

Those seven women were sisters to each other and Rumen was the father of them. The seven sister told the whole accident to their father, than the father ordered them to bring the man at their small cottage, and the seven sister brought him. They all admired Moses by seeing the royal clothes. When he was asked by Rumen he expressed everything about himself openly, Moses did not hide anything. Rumen admired him and requested him to stay at their cottage and he agreed as he needed a shelter. A few days later he married one daughter by the request of Rumen. Moses so simply learnrd their life and animal husbandry. Now it`s been two or three years but, there in the reign of pharaoh all the Yehudi lived in a catastrophic situation. Egyptian used the Yehudi people in inhumanly, and they could not bear it anymore. They always prayed before God if the disastrous day is end soon.
In Media Moses lived finely but in his heart there was the flame of revenge against the tyrannical pharaoh, but he did not know how he can revenge.

Oneday Moses came into a deserted hill with his sheep, there were some tress before that hill. Suddenly he could see there a Ray in the trees. This ray was very bright and he felt that ray bedazzled his eyes. Yet he looked at that ray. At that time he could hear a strange voice from the ray, it called him—Moses Moses…….

Moses and ancient Egypt (?-1273bc)

Pentatiuque was the capital of ancient Egypt. The city was situated on the bank of the river Nile, where lived the famous pharaoh Ramesses. Yehudi, a humankind lived at the tail of the city.
Pharaoh Ramesses was very doubtful to the humankind Yehudi as some of the astronomers of Egypt told him that oneday in future a child will born in a Yehudi family and he will be the reason of danger to Egypt.
Ramesses was afraid by the prophesy. Yehudi, they lived like a horde and they have no homeland of their own so they lived in various part of Egypt, they are very healthy and hard-working. There was high population in Yehudi and the Pharaoh was afraid by their birth rate and he thought oneday they will be major than the original people of Egypt in population and they will swipe the crown, so the pharaoh ordered to kill the new born Yehudi. The spy agency investigated and kill the new-born children inhumanly.
There lived a new couple Amram and Jochebed in a Yehudi family and they had a man-child. The couple also known about the spy agency so they fulfilled the child secretly but, how long they can fulfill him secretly with them, always they were afraid by the fatal image of pharaoh, so oneday they made a decision and left the child on the bank of the river Nile on the hand of God. But, miraculously the princess came on the bank for bath and saw the child. His wonderful cute face attracted and touched her maternity, she can`t left him and bring him into the castle.
The princess fulfilled the child at her own motherhood and she called him Moses. Moses was grown with the other children of the pharaoh family. He knew that princess as his mother. Like this he grew teenage and young with the velocity of time. Till his young age none could know his real identity.
But there is a another folk-ballad and that is as Moses`s parent know the spy agency so they brilliantly decisioned and oneday his mother very beautifully decorated their man-child on a basket and put on a side of that way which was used by the princess and his mother hided herself with the help of trees. Like everyday the princess and her confidante came by the way to bath in the Nile river and usually could see the child. His wonderfull cute face greately impressed the princess and she immediately picked up the child. But he cried loudly, neither the princess nor her confidante may able to stop his crying. At that moment the mother Jochebed came out on the way and the princess told her about the child but Jochebed cleverly acted as she don`t know him. By the order of the princess she took the child and simply the child stop his crying. Than the princess considered Jochebed as the fosterage of the child and considered her to stay into the castle untill the man-child was being young(it is said that Moses takes the breast of his real mother only). As he grew very young Jochebed had to leave him and went her own home. But the relationship of mother-son can`t break, as Jochebed came to see oftenly Moses into the pharaoh family. Moses knows her as his nurse-mother.

See the next article for the later life of Moses.


Yes, it’s golden age in our life

We can do all thing in these time

We can make our mind at any moment

Yes, we can make!

I don’t know are you able or not

But i can make mine and

I believe you can make also

Yes, we can make!

We can break our concept at any moment

We can break our fatal sentiment

I can crush my bad habits

You can bear the pain of Love

I can forget painful past

Yes dear, i can erase tear

I can also efface bleeding blood.

My dear, can’t i awake again?

Can’t i remake feeling?

Yes, i can do these,

And you also can do these!

Then, Start, don’t think more

Press your heart & reinforce.

You will see yours successful time

Yes dear, it’s golden age in our Life!


Where is humanity?

Where is help,

Where is the great religion,

Where is purity?

Where had gone believe

And where is respect

Ay, where are they?

Yes, there is nothing on it!

Ay, do you know what are here?

Yes, i believe, you know.

Sensuality you know it?

To spoil another you know it?

Tear & blood you better know!

In these best is malice,

Best is thinking own great,

Best is painful reject!

To neglect we are master

Yes, all the human being are commander!

Mankind, is here the humanity?

Ha ha! No, then where are they?

Voice change

Do you know the rule of voice change?

Yes, the rule of voice change!

I don’t know that you know or not. But i will tell you about it right now….

So, lets start…..

  • Teacher – what is your name?
  • Student – my name is Raghav.
  • Teacher – your duty?
  • Student – firstly study, and secondly busy with Facebook and other fatal website.
  • Teacher – well, what is the privacy policy of Facebook?
  • Student – (thinking) privacy policy……oh! पाता नेहि😉.
  • Teacher – what?
  • Student – मेइने केहेदिया पाता नेहि।(immediately) i don’t know.
  • Teacher – how disgusting it is!!

So, you have seen Raghav, the student how he changes His voice.

Our Artful Relationship

We love one another so much at first but not now. when we first met it was so beautiful, all things look like Heaven. But, today why not? Perhaps at those time we knew each other very little, and so Love was very sweet at those time. But, today we know each other very well. Perhaps it’s the actual meaning of our today’s quarrel and doubt.

So, i want to say that when we will have known more about our Love and then the suspicion will be increasing.