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Yes, it’s golden age in our life

We can do all thing in these time

We can make our mind at any moment

Yes, we can make!

I don’t know are you able or not

But i can make mine and

I believe you can make also

Yes, we can make!

We can break our concept at any moment

We can break our fatal sentiment

I can crush my bad habits

You can bear the pain of Love

I can forget painful past

Yes dear, i can erase tear

I can also efface bleeding blood.

My dear, can’t i awake again?

Can’t i remake feeling?

Yes, i can do these,

And you also can do these!

Then, Start, don’t think more

Press your heart & reinforce.

You will see yours successful time

Yes dear, it’s golden age in our Life!


Where is humanity?

Where is help,

Where is the great religion,

Where is purity?

Where had gone believe

And where is respect

Ay, where are they?

Yes, there is nothing on it!

Ay, do you know what are here?

Yes, i believe, you know.

Sensuality you know it?

To spoil another you know it?

Tear & blood you better know!

In these best is malice,

Best is thinking own great,

Best is painful reject!

To neglect we are master

Yes, all the human being are commander!

Mankind, is here the humanity?

Ha ha! No, then where are they?

Voice change

Do you know the rule of voice change?

Yes, the rule of voice change!

I don’t know that you know or not. But i will tell you about it right now….

So, lets start…..

  • Teacher – what is your name?
  • Student – my name is Raghav.
  • Teacher – your duty?
  • Student – firstly study, and secondly busy with Facebook and other fatal website.
  • Teacher – well, what is the privacy policy of Facebook?
  • Student – (thinking) privacy policy……oh! पाता नेहि😉.
  • Teacher – what?
  • Student – मेइने केहेदिया पाता नेहि।(immediately) i don’t know.
  • Teacher – how disgusting it is!!

So, you have seen Raghav, the student how he changes His voice.

Our Artful Relationship

We love one another so much at first but not now. when we first met it was so beautiful, all things look like Heaven. But, today why not? Perhaps at those time we knew each other very little, and so Love was very sweet at those time. But, today we know each other very well. Perhaps it’s the actual meaning of our today’s quarrel and doubt.

So, i want to say that when we will have known more about our Love and then the suspicion will be increasing.